fear not

$28 per American over four years to provide 100,000,000 people with first time access to clean drinking water.

That would raise $8,000,000,000 and provide for sustainable access to desalinized and safe water one hundred million humans. That doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me. 

Do you think the Water for the World act of 2010 should be brought back into Congress?

This bill was passed unanimously through the Senate and came out of committee with only one amendment.

So why did the House let it die? 
Why are we allowing our government to block plans conducive to the well being of humanity?  

"Of course I wish I were in school. I want to learn to read and write…. But how can I? 

My mother needs me to get water.”

Yeni Bazan, age 10, El Alto, Bolivia

  • 13 August 2011
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