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New J.D. Thompson single release “Grieving Kate” + Music Video! (with me in it :} )http://46m.org/music

New J.D. Thompson single release “Grieving Kate” + Music Video! (with me in it :} )

This is the time for being merry with Wookie, Casie & the Supermoon. 
Move the chairs
make a hole
they need to see us dance.

nearly never is it the case that all one must do to free the monkey from the box is scrape some poo from the floor

so I didnt mind working on my day off.
a former “laboratory monkey” is now safe from harm and climbing in trees for the first time. 

“Another basic problem which we share as a result of the regulations and the things that prompted them is an unscientific preoccupation with animal studies. Animal studies are done for legal reasons and not for scientific reasons. The predictive value of such studies for man is meaningless- which means our research may be meaningless.”

—   Dr. James D. Gallagher, Director of Medical Research of Lederle Laboratories
(Journal of the American Medical Association, March 14, 1964)

To Serve and Protect the ruling class


To Serve and Protect the ruling class

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Take aim at the left cheek!

Word is that Ernesto has the best aim of any creature alive. He hit me with a peanut in the left face cheek today when I was raking up their refuse.
Still, the loveliest bunch of coconuts I have had the privilege of meeting. 

Ernesto was once a “pet” in a private home in Las Vegas. He came to Jungle Friends with his best friend Hayley when their ”owner” realized (after plastic surgery and many stitches) what awful house guests monkeys are (they live in trees, you know). These two were lucky enough to end up here where they have huge spaces, trees!, and, most importantly, the loving faces of other monkeys to keep them company for the rest of their very long lives. 
White-headed capuchins live in groups as big or bigger than twenty and they can live for over fifty years! 

Are you sure you want to take care of that cute little face for the next five decades of your life..? Best just to leave them in the jungles of Central America if you ask me. Yes, monkeys ARE still taken from the wild and sold as pets AS WELL as bred in cages on “farms.”
This business is such nonsense.


Also, I saw a weeper capuchin named ChiChi doing bicycle kicks.


my toothpaste is solid in Oklahoma, but liquid in Florida..

twenty-four avos for one dollar

I made coconut avo ice cream

and chocolate avo ice cream
and chocolate almond avo ice cream
and chocolate coconut avo ice cream

put something like 3 avo + 1/2 frozen banana in food processor and process. 
place in freezer and stir it every thirty minutes or so until its perfect. 
I add a bit of oil and grapefruit seed extract to my batches because i think it’s a good idea. I like the texture and GSE is really good for your body (i don’t know if freezing it has any effect on it though).

you can make this recipe with nothing but avocado and it still turns out delicious. 

experiment on ice cream- not animals!!

note-since someone asked,
I obtained said produce by inquiring at the sale table of an undisclosed organic food store whether or not I could consolidate the avos from six plastic bags into one plastic bag and leave the rest at the store. This store bags old produce in one dollar increments in rather large plastic bags which ARE NOT RECYCLABLE- not cool. The enslaved humyn with which I was speaking picked up the bags and told me I could just have them all for the price of one bag claiming that there was no way to remove the stickers from the bags without ripping them so they could not reuse them- plus, he had already had one and they were not that great. At any rate, I took my produce load home and proceeded to carefully remove every sticker (which now adorn the toaster) and I now have four jars of awesome avocado ice cream and six plastic bags in perfect condition.

BOYCOTT AstraZeneca: Free the Beagles immediately!!

From WAR

This is an urgent call to action on behalf of the international campaign to Free the AstraZeneca Beagles. Win Animal Rights is calling for international solidarity and we are asking for animal rights groups across the USA and around the world to get behind the international effort to liberate hundreds of beagles used in laboratory testing by AstraZeneca. 

Actions for Groups and Organizers:

Start organizing protests and events at local AstraZeneca offices. Locations can be found here:


USA AstraZeneca Leadership Team:


AstraZeneca USA Headquarters:

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
1800 Concord Pike
P.O. Box 15437
DE 19850-5437
1 302 886 3000


Actions for Individuals:

Please sign the petition:


Call as often as you can
Write Letters - snail mail and FAX
Post to AstraZeneca’s Facebook page:


Take pictures of your dogs and other companion animals asking that the AstraZeneca beagles be set free.

Send your pictures and letters to:


Make sure you copy WAR as we will be delivering pictures in person to AstraZeneca’s USA Headquarters.


And also send a copy to the international campaign coordinators:


Coming soon: 

Protest at AstraZeneca USA Headquarters in Delaware
Protest at AstraZeneca’s NYC Investor Office

Details soon.

If you have any questions or if you want to help on this important campaign please contact us at: 


or message us on Facebook:


Protect The Innocent- Win Animal Rights (WAR)




this is projectable to so many issues I have with society.

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